Gluten Free Beers at Cheddar Ales

Many of our customers are now asking for gluten 'free' beers so we have recently had our core range of bottled beers tested for their gluten content. All of our beers are brewed with barley and wheat malts, however it appears that most of our bottled beers are already gluten free because the gluten is broken down during fermentation and during our filtration process. Four out of six recent batches of our brew styles came back laboratory certified as gluten free.

However, we would like to make the testing process transparent, so that people can make an informed choice when they are purchasing our beer. When looking for gluten content in a product, scientific tests look for less than twenty parts per million of gluten trace in the sample in order to be classed as gluten free. This means that any product that contains small traces of gluten can still be certified as gluten 'free'. This is true across the board for all products certified by the Coeliac Society. So when we talk about gluten 'free' we actually talk about very low traces of gluten; the samples Cheddar Ales sent off for analysis were tested as low as ten parts per million, but any lower than that is generally undetectable.

Also, legally any sample sent to be tested (in our case a single bottle of beer) can represent an entire years worth of production. In the brewery, for example, we make brews in batches throughout the year, and theoretically can test one beer to represent several batches to satisfy the Coeliac Society requirements. We have decided NOT to do this. We promise to test and certify each individual batch of beer to make absolutely sure the certificate is responsibly representative of every beer we produce.

Many people might want to avoid gluten as a lifestyle choice, but some are looking for products that contain no gluten whatsoever, as they have certain health related problems with ingesting it. That's why we want to make it crystal clear, that our certified gluten free products do contain trace amounts of gluten. So if you are interested in buying our beer because it is gluten free, then please contact the brewery to place your order directly with us.

This way we can explain which individually batched brews contain safe amounts and double check that you will be satisfied that our product meets your expectations. So, to order our gluten free brands, phone us on the brewery line between 8am-4pm 01934 744 193 to discuss what your personal needs are and we will help to find you a product that will suit your diet.

Our current certified gluten-free batches are; Bitter Bully 750, Crown and Glory 744, Gorge Best 737, Goats Leap 751 and can be ordered online through our shop, please just state in the order comments that you want the gluten free batch and we will ensure that happens.