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Cheddar Ales started winning awards for our beers during our first year of operation and we intend to maintain our own high standards and continue to produce distinguished ales that we consider to be a cut above the competition.

Why Sell Cheddar Ales?

Real ale is a growth product in a shrinking market. In recent years, growth in sales of real ales has bucked the downturn in overall beer sales (see graphic). Data from SIBA (Society of Independent Brewers Association) suggests that while the overall volume of sales in the beer market are slightly in decline, real ale sales are growing in relation.

Growth in the real ale sector is a result of changing habits and ethics within the food and drinks markets as a whole. Drinkers are becoming more attracted to high-quality, local products with low food miles, made from all-natural ingredients.

Sales from pubs and clubs are bound to falter if the main offerings are cheap, mass-produced beers that are available in supermarkets for a fraction of the price. Ultimately it is this situation that is contributing most heavily to the distressing number of pubs that have been going out of business in recent times.

Even among the real ale producers, there are many that look to compete on price instead of quality, and we feel that this kind of behavior can only cause further damage to the market. The exciting growth in real ale sales is being driven by drinkers looking for quality products. Poor quality offerings will only drive those drinkers away again.

The real ales we produce at Cheddar Ales are a high quality, artisan product with a clear value proposition for drinkers, and that is what will support continued growth in sales for us and for our customers. We would suggest that real ales are coming out of the past and providing a future for pubs and clubs, and are an opportunity not to be missed.

Working in Partnership with Vendors

If you're selling drinks and/or food, offering quality products such as those from Cheddar Ales will contribute towards driving sales and building a good reputation.

To further assist our customers, we will always try and help out where we can:

  • We already actively market our brand to the local community and we hope that this will mean increased demand for our beers in our customers' venues.
  • We can provide a range of merchandising items that can be used during promotions and give-aways.
  • We can provide posters and other literature for you to use in-house to help inform customers of the products on offer.
  • We are always willing to listen to any proposals from our customers if it means we can better help your business. If you would like to discuss an idea, please contact the brewery.

How to order and our delivery network

New customers should call the brewery on 01934 744193 to order or discuss anything Cheddar Ales

We deliver throughout Somerset and into the surrounding areas on a regular basis.

We can deliver throughout the UK for larger orders for events, festivals or to wholesalers and other distributors. We are also able to run Cheddar Ales bars at events. If you have a proposal to put to us, please contact the brewery to discuss your requirements in more detail.