Gluten Free

It was towards the end of 2015 that some of our bottled beers were first sent off for analysis to test the gluten levels. Surprisingly to us most came back with results that comfortably passed the existing "Gluten Free" guidelines of below 20ppm. Since then we have taken the decision to send off examples from every batch of bottles we produce and making the ones that pass the test, available as gluten free (<20ppm) and those that don`t, as simply low gluten. (<100ppm)

We have taken this decision as we believe it is important that you, the consumer have the right to know which of our beers are safe to drink (For Coeliacs) and those to avoid if they are higher in gluten content than the guidelines. It is important to note that not everyone has the same level of intolerance to gluten and whilst some severe cases may be unable to drink beer with even trace levels of gluten, some people may be ok with levels even around or above the 20ppm guidelines. Only you, the consumer will know your individual tolerance/intolerance level and hopefully our test results will help you make an informed choice relevant to your own circumstances and comfort levels.

For those customers who have always bought our beers we would like to assure you that we haven't changed anything in our production process, none of our flavour has been removed and our bottled beers taste exactly the same as they always have done. The gluten is broken down during the fermentation process by the addition of a brewing enzyme, added to assist later filtration before bottling. The side benefit of this enzyme is the denaturing of gluten making it safer for those of you intolerant, to drink the beer, on top of that the haze promoting proteins we are trying to remove before filtration are also dealt with. A win, win situation for all of us.

We welcome any feedback on this and are always happy to discuss the whole Gluten Free issue with you. It is also important to note that ALL of our beers are brewed using barley and as such will have trace elements of gluten present even after denaturing. If you are a diagnosed Coeliac you may need to consider only drinking beer made from NGCI (Non gluten containing ingredients)  such as Buckwheat, Millet, Sorghum.


Please click here to see current batches of beer we hold and their gluten test results. If a batch isn`t listed it is likely that we are in the process of updating so please feel free to call us to discuss.