The Whole World Has Gone Totty Potty 

The Whole World Has Gone Totty Potty

Totty Pot's medal winning streak culminates in international gold

Totty Pot has won gold in category at the International Beer Challenge – the world’s largest bottled beer competition. 

The road to the final has been a long one with the beer first having won awards regionally and then at the national level.  We were surprised when it won Best Bottled Beer in the South West last year but since then it has just kept on winning. Now it has achieved a level where it is regarded as one of the best dark beers in the world. It’s particularly surprising because we think some of our other beers are even better!

Totty Pot is a porter – a traditional style of dark beer first brewed in 18th century London. Our brew is a contemporary version of the beer, but one that stays close to the style’s traditional roots. If you have never tried Totty Pot, now is the perfect time as it comes in to its own as the nights draw in. The beer is dark and warming with hints of roasted coffee and creamy malt flavours. We'll also be releasing a Christmas version of the beer, ‘Festive Totty’, which has been enriched with ruby port to give a slightly sweeter taste with hints of fruit and dark chocolate. Both versions of the beer are great for supping by the fireside, but they are more versatile than that - you can also cook with them in all sorts of dishes. For example, now is the right time to be making your Christmas pudding and a splash of Totty Pot in your pudding mixture will make for a very merry Christmas indeed. There’s a recipe here if you need one.

We are hoping that the award will help a few more people see that there are local beers available to them that they might enjoy far more than the mass-produced imports that dominate the market. But that’s about as far as international fame will affect us.  We’re still very much a local brewery for the local market and while an award such as this is nice, we’re not about to change that. If the rest of the world wants the beer, they’ll have to come to Somerset for it.