Get Festive! 

Get Festive!Have a very merry Christmas with Festive Totty

Winter has come crashing in, but the glow of the fire and the thought of a pint should still be enough for you to brave the cold and make it to the pub. And, if you have been good this year, it may just be that the landlord has got some Cheddar Ales Festive Totty behind the bar.

And if Mother Nature, or another woman in your life, is really against you going out you can still get into the Christmas spirit at home with our bottle-conditioned Festive Totty – just order through our online shop and the beer will be delivered right to your frosty doorstep.

Whether you have braved it all the way to the pub or only as far as your front door, a well-earned pint of Festive Totty will bring you cheer and warm your bones. As the dark creamy malts soothe you and the ruby port lights a little glow in your throat, you'll find yourself slipping down into that comfy old armchair, happy to while away the evening as Winter does its thing outside.  It's at moments like that that you realise all is well in the world.

A very Merry Christmas to all from the team at Cheddar Ales.