Cheddar Ales at Bristol Beer Festival 

Cheddar Ales at Bristol Beer FestivalThis year we'll be the brewery on everyone's lips...

Those of you lucky enough to get hold of a ticket will have the chance to try three of our beers:

The ever-popular Totty Pot dark porter will be available for the last time this winter. For all those Totty Potheads that drank us dry this Christmas, this will be your last fix of the cask-conditioned version until much later in the year.  The festival is having our very last barrel, and it will be well-matured and utterly delicious by the time the event comes around, so put it top of your sampling list to avoid disappointment.

You’ll also find the elusive, but definitely not shy, Goat’s Leap IPA. If you haven’t had an opportunity to play with The Goat yet, this is your chance. But be careful – although it seems cuddly at first, it does bite. There is always a group of Goat followers at the festival, so it too will sell out early, so get in quick.

Potholer, our Golden Ale, will also be there as a shining example of how great beer can be. You’re probably a bit more familiar with this one, but it’ll be comforting to know it’s there, like an old friend you know and love.

You’ll also find that the beer festival glasses are particularly handsome and collectable this year - because we are the sponsors. We thought it was time we let the Bristolians in on our little secret, so this year we’ll be the brewery on everyone’s lips as they drink from Cheddar Ales branded glasses.

We’re also working on having our beer in the festival pasties, just in case anyone doesn’t notice the beers and the branding on the glasses.  But don’t think this is the start of some grand plan for world domination. We just see it as a service to all those beer drinkers in Bristol who don’t know what they’ve been missing.

Anyway...For those of you that can blag your way in to the trade night, hopefully we’ll see you there. We’ll be at the bar. Otherwise, have a great time and vote Cheddar Ales!

The 13th annual Bristol Beer Festival will take place at the Brunel Passenger Shed at Temple Meads, from the 19th – 20th March. Visit Bristol CAMRA's website for more details.