Brewster's Millionth 

Brewster's Millionth

We have brewed our first millionth pint

We're not sure if we've quite sold a million pints because we're a bit too fond of our own products, but brewing them is a big milestone for us. We feel we have come a long way in a relatively short time, under some fairly challenging trading conditions.

Around this time three years ago the brewery was only a few months old and was producing around 3,000 pints a week. Since then we have battled increasing taxes, cheap supermarket booze, closing pubs and, along with everyone else, the recession. But despite these challenges, Cheddar Ales is thriving, having more than doubled its output since 2006 to around 8,000 pints a week. Our beers are now a regular fixture in many pubs in the county and we seem to have attracted a strong local following. 

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through these early years, for their good taste, positivity and ongoing support.

Come and have a beer with us at the beer festival in June to celebrate!  It will run from 18 - 20 June, more details to follow soon.