Beer With No Name Christened At Last 

Beer With No Name Christened At LastBeer With No Name Christened At Last

Our summer special this year, a 3.8% Pale Ale, was brewed for our first Brewery Beer Festival in June

However, in the hectic lead-up to the event, we ran out of time to think of a name for it. As a result, it was temporarily labelled The Beer With No Name, and we invited visitors to the beer festival to see if they could come up with a moniker we could use for the long term.

We generally find naming beers fairly difficult (although we hope that doesn't show in the final results), so we were hoping that we would discover a previously untapped source of creative genius among our customers that would provide us with enough names to keep us going for years. But even though we were providing plenty of liquid inspiration at the festival, usable names were few and far between. In fact, at this time, we won't be using any of your suggestions. Sorry.

We would like to thank you all for your enthusiasm (we had 170 entries) and would add that we are very impressed by your imaginations and ability to pun. In fact, thinking about it, maybe it's not you, maybe it's us. Maybe we're just too picky.

But let's not try and apportion blame. We have to admit that we're just not clicking on this occasion.

The following are the honourable mentions and the almost-rans. We like these a lot and may use them in the future.

Jacob's Bladdered - Vanessa Robinson
Volat's Lotium - Latin for Gnat's Piss, apparently - Jay Taylor
Gorge N' Zippy - Jeff Astle
Mendip Sunshine - Sue at the MNRC
Cave Dweller - Jim Barnett
Cavers' Gold - Tina Waterhouse
Drop Dead - Mr. Murtagh
Grasscutter - Jim Trower
Level Best - Anonymous
Bale Out! - Rachel Bennett

And then here some examples of the plain wacky...

Dr. Malice Holgorton's Rancid Yak Butter - maybe if we all lived in the World of Warcraft, Josh West-Burnham
Old Scrutter's Knobsack - or affectionately, ‘Old Scrutters'. Beautiful imagery, thanks, Murray Dark
Ken Dodd's Overbite - ?, Matt Cusill
Dried Moss - Just surreal. Nice one, Dicky.

So, the question remains, what is the beer called? We finally settled on Bitter Bully, partly as a result of our fond memories of Bullseye and mutual love of darts, but more because we simply ran out of time to come up with anything else.

Thankfully, now it has finally been christened, we can get on with the fun part - wetting the baby's head...

You can find more details of Bitter Bully here.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we are.