A Christmas Cracker

Have you been good this year? Then you may just deserve some Festive Totty...

This December will see the return of Festive Totty, our Christmassy twist on the multi-award winning Totty Pot dark porter. The addition of ruby port to the brew gives a great effect; building up the body, slightly sweetening the taste and bringing out hints of fruit and dark chocolate. You can’t make beer any more Christmassy than that.  It’s great for supping by the fireside, and on a long, cold winter’s evening you may find that several pints will slip down all too easily.

This year will see a bottled version available, as well as the cask-conditioned ale. As with all our other beers, it’ll be bottle-conditioned to guarantee it delivers on flavour.  It being based on the awards-magnet that is bottled Totty Pot, you can also guarantee that there’s no better bottle of Christmas cheer to buy for friends and family or, if you’ve been good this year, for yourself.

Culinary types should also be able to find many ways of cooking with it. For example, now is the right time to be making your Christmas pudding and a splash of Totty Pot in your pudding mixture will make for a very merry Christmas indeed. There’s a recipe here if you need one.

With Totty Pot and Goat’s Leap also currently in stock we’ve got more specials than you can shake a stick at at the moment. Make the most of them before they disappear again!